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Medicaid Glasses

Denver Eye Practice is pleased to offer the largest selection of Medicaid Glasses in the state of Colorado. Our online optical is currently a work in progress. Please click the following link below to look at our inventory. Call us for more information:

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Currently offering FREE SHIPPING!

Are you eligible for free glasses? See the guidelines below:

Health First Colorado / Medicaid

Vision: Children (ages 0 – 20) Eye exams and eyeglasses covered.

Vision: Adult (ages >20) Routine eye exams.

Vision: Adults (ages>20) Eyeglasses covered only with history of eye surgery.

Denver Health Medicaid Choice:

Vision: Children (ages 0 – 20) Routine eye exams and eyeglasses covered.

Vision: Adult (ages 21 – 47) Routine eye exams and eyeglasses covered. Exams are covered once every two years.

Vision: Adult (ages 48 and older) Routine exams and eyeglasses. Exams and eyeglasses are covered once every year.

How do I check status of my glasses?

Glasses are currently taking 3-4 weeks to be ready.

If it has been longer than 4 weeks and you have not heard from us call our main office at 303-861-2020.